• Sunday, September 7, 2014

    DIY Painted Concrete Porch

    For the longest time I've wanted to paint the concrete floors in the carport. The project keeps losing its place on the priority list, but after seeing this porch . . . that may change.

    This porch was all done with paint and stencils.  How easy is that?  For me, the hardest part would be getting the floors clean since it is outside.

    I'm totally impressed!

    Click here to go to the tutorial.

    Friday, August 29, 2014

    DIY Mod Podge Paper Mache Lampshade

    Yet another technique using Mod Podge!

    I've loved the craft of paper mache since I was a little girl and still do!

    My imagination is running wild with ideas for making jewelry components and all kinds of embellishments. The lampshade is very cool and opens up so many ideas for home decor.

    Click here to go to the tutorial by Lakshmi!  Awesome tutorial and technique :)

    Thursday, August 28, 2014

    Anthropologie Cenote Layered Necklace DIY Knockoff

    Awesome inspiration!

    If you make your own jewelry for personal use or professionally, you will love to make this awesome layered necklace.

    You can make it out of components from vintage or used jewelry that is broken or just needs repurposing or purchase new components.

    What I love about this design is that you can make a number of earring and bracelet combinations to match this necklace!  They would make a very cool jewelry collection . . . don't you think?

    Click here for the tutorial from one of my favorite blogs, Flamingo Toes!

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