• Friday, December 31, 2010

    Happy New Year!

    It is with a great deal of anticipation and excitement that
     I say goodbye to the old year and welcome the new year.

    The past year has been the most awesome in many years
    and I have been blessed in so many ways!

    It was a year of "firsts" for the Captain and me.  We just
    celebrated our first Christmas together and tonight will be
    the first New Years Eve we welcome the new year
    side by side . . . 

    (FYI . . . last year had us on the phone, hundreds
    of miles apart with the bluetooth as a connection.)

    Long distance relationships do work, although not easy!

    In 2009 I started what I thought would be an exciting new
    career for me . . . 2010 had me walking out in frustration,
    although it was an awesome experience and I absolutely
    loved my job and most of the people I worked with.

    Before the holidays, I discovered an awesome way to make
    new friends online and found a circle of bloggers that spans
    the globe and lifestyles.  Blog hops have so enhanced my
    blogging experience!

    Christmas season was fabulous . . . I enjoyed the company
    of friends and family like never before.

    The UPS guy has been busy delivering packages . . . the result
     of my giveaway wins . . . it feels like Christmas every day.

    After years of prayer, my life has come full circle and most of
    my prayers have been answered.  The rest will be answered
    in their own time!

    Good things come to those who wait . . . they really do!

    Happy New Year everybody :)

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    Wednesday, December 29, 2010

    Decorating with red . . . Red Rooms

    There is something about the color red!

    I love it paired with black and white . . . or black and gold.

    Click on the photo to go to a slideshow and article about decorating with red from top designers who share their tips on how to use red and why they love using red in interior decorating.

    Thursday, December 23, 2010

    Put your best face forward

    Happy day before Christmas Eve!

    We've reached Christmas week . . . plans are finalized, we're checking items off  our lists of last minute stuff to do , it is the time to get really serious about cooking and baking . . . oh, the gift wrapping . . . many of us put our Christmas trees up this week . . . are there enough hours in the day?

    On my agenda for today . . . make massive amounts of fudge and decorate the Christmas tree while listening to Christmas music.

    What about you?  What is on your last minute agenda?

    Have you taken time to pamper yourself?  It is time!!

    Searching for a new makeup look or need some tips?  I've put together some videos, articles and blogs to help you put it all together . . . look fabulous and glamourous for the holiday parties!


    Smashbox ~ New Videos

    Eye Makeup "Winging It" 

    Get Kim Kardashian's Smokey Eye Look


    Beauty Booty 411

    Pretty Holiday Makeup Tips from Allure

    Celebrity Makeup Looks

    Makeup Guides

    Monday, December 20, 2010

    Snowflake Doily Candle Project

    Snowflake doily project

    Another gorgeous candle using glass jars . . . 
    this time embellished with doilies.

    The instructions are for paper doilies (I have used
    them in craft projects and also for food serving trays
     and they are awesome), but you can also use
    traditional doilies or lace.

    Use your imagination!

    Click on the photo and it will take you to the page
    that has the download for this project.

    Thursday, December 16, 2010

    Holiday Happenings in Bloggerville

    It is really starting to feel like Christmas for me.  

    Back in the day all it took was a trip to the mall 
    to start getting into the Christmas spirit.  

    These days, I stay clear of the malls and all the craziness that goes with it (the parking lots scare me with all the weirdo people begging for money or just straight up want to take your purse).  Call me paranoid . . . I am . . . that's life in the big city!!  This time of year, I totally avoid it as much as I can.  Black Friday is like a nightmare I'll never experience . . . I don't care how good the sale is.

    Online shopping is the way to go for me!

    As I was cruising the internet this morning, I found an awesome blog
    that I must share with you.  If you are a DIYer, crafter, cook . . .
    there is something here for everybody.

    A Glimpse Inside

    Allison is an army wife with a creative side and
    her blog is a showcase of her projects.

    This simple but funky beautiful project caught my eye
    since I love sparkly and unusual.  Check out her

    blog for a tutorial on how to make these sparkly
    thingies with lots of photos showing different
    ways to use them.


    Link up your projects, recipes,
     home decor, thrifty finds and more

    Catch a Glimpse Button

    If you want more inspiration after checking out
    Allison's linky party, here are more holiday happening
    events and linkys.

    Link up and make new friends or just browse
     around and enjoy 
    some awesome holiday happenings!

    Hooked-on-Holiday-House-Tours   Ornament Party
    The DIY Show Off Photobucket Show Me Your Tree Photobucket

    Is it Thursday already?  WOW . . . this week is flying by!

    If you are looking for a complete listing of Thursday blog hops and
    events, check out my Blog Hop page, located just below the
    header at the top of the page.

    I'm in the process of updating the list, adding a bunch more
    hops and events that I've discovered cruising Bloggerville.

    You all have a terrific Thursday!!

    Tuesday, December 14, 2010

    The science of organizing clutter

    The cold weather is getting on my nerves!  

    I'm in Florida . . . it is not supposed to be cold!

    We should be warming up by Friday :)

    In the meantime, it has been a time of working on all those things I have been putting off since I am finally starting to get rid of this cold that took all my energy.  I'm revisiting the idea of joining up with the Fly Girls again . . . you know, they teach you how to organize your life and put you on somewhat of a schedule to get your housework and clutter under control.  They were starting to help me the last time I tried, but OMG they sent so much emails that I got overwhelmed and quit.

    Niecy Nash and the "Clean House" crew would have a really good time with my house.  I can see it now, Niecy with a huge red flower in her hair waving her perfectly manicured finger at me . . . "you should be ashamed of yourself girl . . . how did you let this happen? . . . hmmmmmm?"

    Well, clutter just happens if you don't control it effectively.  Moving a pile of stuff from one room to another doesn't help.  It just takes an organized mess, jumbles it up with another mess and then you can't find anything.  We did that . . . took boxes from several rooms into another.  Since two of us were moving the stuff around, I lost track of some of the stuff!

    Isn't it funny how cluttered piles end up like an archeological dig or a time capsule of a phase in your life?  One of the hardest things for me to control is paper.  As I gather up and sort everything out, I am finding remnants of the attempt to organize.

    This time I mean to finally get organized!  Once organized, it is easy to stay that way if everything has its place.  It is getting the stuff into their place . . . aye!!

    I'm starting a page for my website on getting organized . . . in an attempt to organize myself :)  I'd love some feedback on how you managed to get your house organized, links to blogs devoted to getting organized like the Fly girls . . . or are they called the Fly Ladies?

    Are you a pack rat like me or a neatnic? 

    I totally used the word organized too many times :)

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