• Tuesday, November 30, 2010

    Random Tuesday Thoughts


    The Captain has been on a treasure hunt through the storage shed which has been untouched since I became a widow . . . eight years ago.  After eight years, I have forgotten what had already been packed away for years.  

    In addition to the many different types of collections my husband and I collected, we also had a flea market business and a retail boutique . . . and the remaining inventory has been sitting in the storage shed all these years.  The Captain and I have kicked around the idea of starting a flea market business.  For sure it was a fun business that he and I would enjoy doing together . . . without the expense of buying inventory to sell.  The downside is giving up our weekends.

    The treasure hunt began when we decided it was time to put up the Christmas tree.  He has been dragging boxes out for days!  You guessed it . . . I have a huge collection of Christmas decorations.  

    Imagine his excitement when I told him about the two train sets with all the elaborate bridges, railroad crossings . . . and a locomotive that puts out actual steam.  His eyes hit up like a kid on Christmas morning as I described it.  Poor guy . . . he still hasn't found it . . . but God works in mysterious ways.  I have a feeling once he finds those trains that were usually set up underneath the Christmas tree, the treasure hunt will come to a screeching halt.

    So, the fake Christmas tree, lights and ornaments are now lined up in the back room, ready for us to tear into.  It has been eight years that I have totally ignored Christmas.  In fact, the sound of a Christmas song made me cringe . . . Christmas commercials made me want to scream.  The Captain has changed all of that for me.  Although I am apprehensive of the emotions those little treasures will conjure up, my excitement has been building since Thanksgiving and I am ready to face the memories of Christmas past.  At least they are happy memories!

    So goes my Random Tuesday Thoughts . . . click on the button and head over to Unmom's blog to read random thoughts from other bloggers . . . join in and add your own!  It's a very cool blog hop.

    Have an awesome Tuesday . . . happy blog hopping :-)

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    Monday, November 29, 2010

    Fabulous recycled glass jars . . . so many uses

    There is something about glass that I love . . . I know, it sounds weird.  My biggest collections of stuff involve glass . . . dishes, glasses, casserole dishes, ashtrays, candy dishes, pitchers . . . I could go on and on.

    Something else about me that most people find strange is that I hate to throw something away that has potential for life as something else.  On top of that list . . . glass jars.

    Why go buy something when you can  make the same thing from something  you are going to throw away?

    Mayonnaise jars were my favorite . . . much to my displeasure, most of those jars have been replaced by plastic . . . same with peanut butter.  Maybe it is a cheaper alternative for the manufacturers of those products, but don't they know it has broken my heart to not add more to my collection of glass mayonnaise jars?  I dislike those new squeeze bottles for various reasons  . . . although I could use them for a handy container for my special blends of paint :-)

    Through the years I have made great use of my glass jars for organizing stuff, especially in the kitchen and the craft room.  Jars that I painted a decade ago are still in use.  The larger mayonnaise jars are great for storing popcorn, grits, rice, coffee, sugar . . . cannister items . . . the jars are color coordinated and look like a matched set.  I like putting my unique touch on stuff . . .

    My discovery of blog hops has taken me into different worlds of blogs . . .
    the crafts/DIY blog world is my favorite!
    Much to my delight, I have found some projects and uses for those recycled glass jars from some awesome blogs that I'd like to share.  Hope they inspire you to create something wonderful from something you would normally throw away.

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    Have an awesome Monday!

    Saturday, November 27, 2010

    My Christmas Wish List

    My Christmas wish list is very short since there isn't really much that I need . . . although there are "things" that I want . . . everyone has that "want list"!

    The one thing that I have really wanted for many years and have not been able to afford is a laptop computer. That is the one single item that would make me so happy. We love visiting my mom for overnight stays and the ultimate would be getting away for long weekends at the beach . . . however, since we are both serious computer geeks, we think twice to avoid that pesky computer withdrawal.

    I entered Crissy’s Can’t Wait til Christmas Lenovo Laptop Giveaway and hope to win a $799.00 IdeaPad!

    Another one of those things on my wish list is a food processor. There are things that a blender just can't handle. Does anyone know of a giveaway that I can enter?

    I've been seeing some really cool candles that are flameless . . . how awesome is that? There are some giveaways that I am planning to enter since I love candles and they just burn out so fast . . . would love to give these a try.

    Still loving the blog hops and have started a page devoted to blog hops and weekly events. I'm really enjoying finding so many new and awesome blogs that are out there. My immediate plan is to continue to feature articles that catch my attention . . . it is my way of thanking the blogging community for enhancing my computer time.

    Another new thing I'm planning is to have a page devoted to giveaways. I am loving those giveaways!! Send me an email or comment if you have a giveaway you'd like listed.

    Many plans on utilizing my website too . . . if only there were more hours in the day!

    Hope everyone is enjoying a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday!

    Friday, November 26, 2010

    Chilling out :)

    How is everyone's Thanksgiving holiday going?

    Today has been a day of chilling out for us.

    Yesterday was all about eating and spending
    time with family.

    One thing I need to comment on is the awesome
    weather we are having in Central Florida.  Although
    we had a quick downpour this morning, the weather
    has been perfect.  It has been warm without high
    humidity . . . perfect for outdoors!

    I'm a bit late starting my blog hops, but better late than
    never . . . I have some new buttons to add to the list,
    but since it is so late, I'll add them later.

    Something new . . . I have added a page for Blog Hops.
    My list grew too fast and too big to list on my sidebar,
    making my blogs way too fast to load.

    If you haven't tried doing blog hops . . .
    what are you waiting for?

    I've won my first giveaway and this just gave me more
    encouragement to keep entering more and more.
    You can't win unless you enter!

    Hope everyone is having an awesome
    Thanksgiving holiday!

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