• Sunday, November 18, 2012

    Beautiful Tin Can Caddy

    There is something about this color scheme that I love, even though I tend to gravitate toward primary colors.  Love the use of lace!

    The featured caddy is geared toward the craft room, but I could really use one of these in the kitchen!

    Click here to go to the blog post with a link to the inspirational tutorial, which includes instructions on how to wire them together.

    I'm always ready for another use for recycling cans!

    Thursday, November 1, 2012

    Glitter Switch Plates

    Anything glittery or flashy catches my eye.  I immediately thought that these switch plates would look so awesome in my sewing and craft room.  How cool would it be to make the room itself look crafty?  I just may do it once I get it organized and functional again!

    As easy as switch plates are to replace and change out, wouldn't it be cool to make different colors to match the holiday decorations?  I have even covered mine with fabric using Mod Podge.

    This is a Mod Podge craft . . . easy and inexpensive!  

    Click here to go to the tutorial :)

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