• Monday, February 24, 2014

    Awesome outdoor lanterns!

    Look at what you can make with a drinking glass, a tuna can, a stick and some paint :) 

    Isn't recycling and trash to treasure projects amazing?

    With a little imagination, a morning trip to the thrift stores, flea markets or yard sales can end up with some pretty awesome stuff that you can really be proud of!  These outdoor lantern ideas are so easy :)

    Diane from In My Own Style has come up with many variations!  Ingenious!

    Here is another one with hurricane lantern glass . . .

    How about a vase?


    Click here for Diane's tutorial.

    Saturday, February 22, 2014

    Elegant Glass Jars

    Decorated glass jars are popping up everywhere!

    This post is for inspiration only . . . 
    the photo source link does not include a tutorial.

    The decorated jars are simple, yet elegant.  For the glittered jar, brush the jar with Modge Podge and roll in glitter.  The gold painted jar seems to be spray painted.  Check out my other posts on decorating glass jars for tutorials on other projects.

    See my post on preparing glass jars here.

    Other posts on glass jar decorating, click here.

    Friday, February 21, 2014

    18 Ways to Decoupage Mason Jars

    Glass jars is one of the things I love to recycle for DIY and crafts and I'm always looking for awesome projects to make them pretty.

    Amy at Mod Podge Rocks, one of my favorite crafty blogs, put together a slide show of 18 different glass jar decoupage project, including tutorials for each one.  Love all the new ideas!!!

    Click here for the article.

    Tuesday, February 18, 2014

    DIY Ombre Necklace

    Love this DIY necklace that has so many design possibilities!

    The necklace in the tutorial utilizes new jewelry components, but you can use components from some of your broken vintage jewelry and come up with your own refashioned piece of jewelry.  Recycling old jewelry is one of my favorite projects.

    The design features four varying lengths of chain with beads attached.  I can imagine the movement of this necklace!

    This DIY jewelry project comes from Allie, the creator of all things Miss Lovie. On her blog you'll find great tutorials and ideas on jewelry making, sewing, home decor, holiday decorations and more! I have included her button on my Favorite DIY/ Crafty Blogs page for future reference.

    Click here to go to Allie's tutorial.

    Monday, February 17, 2014

    DIY Storage Ottoman Inspiration and Tutorial

    What a clever idea!  Monica was inspired by another DIY blogger to make a storage ottoman made of crates and added her creative touches to the project.  This awesome ottoman is the result.  I'm impressed and I want one!

    I can imagine this cute storage ottoman on wheels in my living room with extra seating and little nooks and crannies for those things you like to have handy, but out of the way.  Love it!

    Thank you Monica for this awesome project and a very lovely blog!  I have added a button linking to her blog in my Favorites DIY/Crafty Blogs page for future reference.

    Click on the button
    to go to Monica's tutorial!
    mon makes things

    Sunday, February 16, 2014

    How to prep glass jars for upcycling

    Recycling glass jars is one of my favorite things, especially for use in the kitchen.  But they really come in handy for storing jewelry components, beads and miscellaneous parts and pieces in the craft room.

    My favorite glass jars are the ones pasta sauce comes in.  They look like mason jars, but they are free.

    I found this tutorial on Vintage Zest, a new blog discovery.  Diane has put together a blog she describes as a collection of all of her favorite things which coincide with my favorite things too.  Awesome blog discovery I know you will also enjoy!

    Click here for the tutorial on prepping glass jars.

    Saturday, February 15, 2014

    DIY Shades of Autumn Bracelet

    Love the design of this bracelet!  My favorite part of the bracelet design is the use of end caps to keep all the stands together.

    This is another one of those jewelry designs that can utilize vintage jewelry to make into refashioned jewelry or new jewelry components.  

    Vintage beaded necklaces are a great source of unusual beads to use in this project.  

    Click here for the tutorial!

    Thursday, February 13, 2014

    DIY Beaded Teardrop Earrings

    I love beaded jewelry projects.  Maybe it is since I have what seems to be an endless supply of vintage jewelry that needs recycling.  Another thing in my jewelry design stash are boxes of new vintage components that I purchased many years ago.

    What I love about this project other than the use of beads is the use of chains. If you have a large stash of vintage jewelry, you no doubt have lots of chain that needs recycling.

    Of course you can use new jewelry components as Aki, the original designer did.  Like most of us who make jewelry, she was inspired by a very expensive piece of jewelry she found on the internet.  

    You can also take the new techniques you learn from her tutorial to make an entirely different style. Wouldn't this make an awesome pendant for a matching necklace?  Let your imagination be your guide!  Being creative can be so rewarding . . . at least it is for me.

    Click here for Aki's tutorial.  Her blog, Minted Strawberry is a collection of different types of crafts and DIY projects.  She's got projects for the crafter in all of us!  I look forward to checking out more of her awesome blog.

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