• Thursday, January 30, 2014

    DIY Braided Denim Bracelets

    Recycle those jeans!

    All these braided projects use are the seams that we sometimes discard after a denim project.  I don't throw any of it away, not even threads!

    The tutorial I am featuring was made with jeans and old t-shirts.  It started off like this . . .

    Click here to go to the tutorial from Quiet Lion Creations.

    This is a great project for bored little girls!

    Tuesday, January 28, 2014

    DIY Refashioned Jewelry

    I love this mixing of beads and chains on this necklace!

    This project was made by Rachel from the blog Adventures of a DIY Mom.  I don't know if she used all new jewelry components or pieces from vintage jewelry to come up with a gorgeous refashion jewelry piece.

    Since I have the boxes and boxes of vintage jewelry, I would preferably use a broken piece of jewelry to resurrect into a new piece.  What I love about using old jewelry pieces is that the patina of all the components match (if only one piece is used).  It would be awesome if there are enough beads, chain and other jewelry components to make other jewelry pieces like earrings or a bracelet to match.

    Click here for Rachel's tutorial.

    Monday, January 27, 2014

    DIY Lucite Trays

    Jenna from Rain on a Tin Roof was inspired by a Lucite Desk Tray with a hefty price tag of $44 from Anthropologie.  She turned on the creativity and made this tray by flipping over acrylic frames.   How ingenious is that?

    With an acrylic frame, modge podge and a possibility of numerous papers like scrapbook, gift wrap or wallpaper to match the walls, or how about fabric to match the pillows, chair, sofa . . . you get the idea . . . the possibilities are endless!

    Click here to go to Jenna's tutorial.

    Sunday, January 26, 2014

    DIY Denim Hair Accessories

    Kara's creation shows what you can do with a dollar store item
    Click here for tutorial

    Always save the scraps left over from a denim project . . . you never know when you will be inspired to use the little pieces like buttons, snaps, labels, belt loops, seams for accessories to match those other projects.  I've also seen some awesome jewelry accessories made of denim scraps . . . that blog post is coming soon!

    Click here for tutorial

    Kasey glues belt loops to bobbie pins and clippies
    Click here to go to her blog

    The following photos are for inspiration only . . . they are denim hair accessories that are being sold and were listed to be sold at one time.  Click on the photo to go to the original website where they came from should you desire more information.

    Great use of seams!

    Look what else you can do with seams!

    Hope these creations have given you some
     inspiration for your next denim project!

    Saturday, January 25, 2014

    Colorful, casual and easy rag quilt

    Kristin from the blog, Write It Down, wrote about this awesome and colorful rag quilt she made using a tutorial from Creations by Kara.  The freyed edges reminded me of a technique I used for making denim appliques that created fluffy edges by the washing fabric many times until the desired effect resulted.

    It seems like since we have had a cold snap and I have become very attached to the only "throw" I own, I need to make more out of old fabric scraps from clothes I was going to donate.  This is why I hate throwing anything away! There is usually a way to recycle it.

    Although I would love to make a colorful throw similar to this quilt, I would also love to make one out of denim.  I especially love recycling denim! 

    I found this example on Pinterest, but the link was broken.

    This is the perfect project for a quilting beginner!

    Click here for an excellent tutorial from Creations by Kara.

    Creative inspirations

    Yes, my craft and sewing room is still a huge disorganized mess, but my creative side has been screaming to create with all the inspiration I find online.

    The photos in this post are for inspiration only.  They are the creations of Carole Brungar, who has a beautiful and inspirational blog, Madness and Mess.  I love the way she layers her creations with free motion stitching, embroidery and three dimensional features.  She offers classes if you are interested in learning her techniques.

    Layering and fabric embellishment is one of my favorite crafty projects.  The techniques used in these projects can be duplicated in your own style, especially if you are an experienced sewer.  Your imagination is always your guide as you pick up awesome inspirations from creative people on the internet, the ones you meet at the arts and crafts shows and specialty boutiques.

    My projects have typically utilized sparkly things as I love hand beading with a passion, but layering lace on fabric, adding buttons or embroidery is another way of adding dimension to your creations.

    What I love about these projects . . . no confinement to a particular project, like quilts, purses, t-shirts, wall hangings, art journals, home decor, dish cloths and pot holders . . . I could go on and on.  You can create anything your heart desires using the same techniques.

    There are lots of ladies who work at home on their creations and sell them on internet websites such as Etsy.  In another lifetime, I ran a specialty boutique selling my creations, those of others and the supplies needed to create unusual projects.  Many sewers and crafters love selling at arts and crafts shows, which puts you out there in public as much or as little as you want.

    Photo from Stitching Step-By-Step
    Instructions for stitching, click here

    I miss being creative in a bad way, but I will continue to post those projects that inspire me and hopefully will inspire you too.

    Sunday, January 12, 2014

    Stunning Necklace ~ Jewelry Making Project

    Love this stunning necklace . . . wearing it would make a bold fashion statement!

    The creator of this awesome necklace used new items, but with all the boxes of vintage jewelry stacked in my office, it has provided great inspiration for a refashion jewelry project.

    An old beaded vintage necklace should provide an ample amount of beads to make a very cool and unique creation.

    Sara Marie of Everyday Bijoux is a jewelry designer with an Etsy shop and a lovely blog.  She writes about how she was inspired to make this gorgeous necklace, the materials she used and the problems she encountered. Awesome article for you crafters who enjoy making your own jewelry or inspirational for those who are jewelry designers.  Click here for the blog post.

    Hope you enjoy her blog and Etsy shop as much as I have!

    Wednesday, January 8, 2014

    Organizing Your Home

    Honestly, I really envy organized people.  Since I was a little girl, it is my inclination to stack things and worry about getting them organized later.  Yes, I'm a classic procrastinator.

    That desk is what caught my attention.  I love the cubbyholes and extra shelf to get more stuff organized in a small space.  

    If only I had a magic wand to wave around and get everything organized!

    Click here to go to the inspirational blog post about organizing your home without becoming overwhelmed.  Great advise to start the new year on the right foot!

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