• Sunday, September 30, 2012

    Halloween Costume Ideas

    We are fast approaching the holiday season, which seems to start when the witches and goblins come out in search of lots of goodies and sweet treats.

    It always seems to be a dilemma when it comes to deciding "what am I gonna be for Halloween."

    Here is your chance to get a jump start on the season!  Susie QT Pies Scraps of Life has come up with the awesome idea of starting a Halloween Costume Board on Pinterest and you can also participate!

    Click here to go to her blog!

    Thursday, September 20, 2012

    Crazy Quilt Denim Jacket

    Recycling jeans is the favorite of my sewing/craft projects!

    I did not make the jacket in the photo, but it sure did give me a ton of ideas for a future project!  I'm not a big fan of the crazy quilt technique since I like things to match, however, I was thinking of using the technique using scraps from the same pair of jeans.  Photo source

    Another idea . . . make the jacket and run it through the washer a couple of times with bleach.  This will give you a blank canvas to do all sorts of artwork on.  

    One of my favorite tricks . . . water down acrylic paint in a spray bottle . . . doesn't even need to be fabric paint.  Back when I was doing a lot of painting with fabric paints, I would use up the little bit of paint that is always left in the bottle for this method.  Crazy as it may seem, I would utilize the water I used to clean my brushes while I was painting for this method too.  Nothing goes to waste . . . I'm really frugal when it comes to using every little bit of craft supplies!

    With fabric embellishment, you are only limited by your imagination!  If you love glitz like I do, you can use beads, sequins, rhinestones, studs, fringes . . . any type of trim.

    Another thing I love to do is mix denim and lace!

    Now that I have given you some inspiration, start cutting up those old jeans and create something fabulous!

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