• Saturday, April 30, 2011

    Recycling Shower Curtain Liners

    This is an item I usually throw away in the trash, however, I have become more aware of what I throw away and try to recycle as much as I can.  

    By the way, they can be washed in the washer with detergent and bleach.

    Here are some recycling uses for those old shower curtain liners . . .

    In the garden . . . use in place of landscape fabric or in conjunction with newspapers in preparing new raised beds or an area being prepared for paving to prevent weeds from coming up (my favorite use!).

    Use in place of drop cloths when painting for easy clean up.

    Use as a table cover when working on your crafts.

    Make an outdoor table cloth.

    Put in the back of the truck, van or trunk of car when hauling stuff around for easy clean up.

    Friday, April 29, 2011

    Flip Flop Fun

    Flip flops are one of my favorite things!

    Since I live in Florida, if I'm not running around barefooted, 
    I'm wearing flip flops or some type of sandals.  It is part of
    my lifestyle that is simple and easy.

    I've bought the fancy embellished flip flops and have thought it would
    be fun to experiment and refashion some of my old flip flops.  

    I was so happy to find the following tutorial that gave me
     some basic construction ideas . . . can't wait to pull out 
    some of the  old flip flops and give them a new life!

    Click here for the tutorial

    Another idea for those cool fabric flowers
     I'm seeing all over the place!

    What an awesome idea!  I'm imagining some denim flip flops
    embellished with those zipper flowers that are made from
     recycled jeans . . . using a combination of both tutorials.

    Click here to go to the tutorial for these flowered flip flops.

    I really need to get my crafts room
    organized and  ready to use again!

    My hands are itching to be creative :)

    Wednesday, April 20, 2011

    Faux Patio Tile (painting technique)

    Learn how to transform your concrete floor into something fabulous!

    We have been working on our carport, turning it into an outdoor living space and was already planning to paint the concrete floor, but now I am super excited about starting this project after seeing this patio.

    Click here for the painting technique.

    Click here for the blog post featuring this patio.  I've gotten so much inspiration, including an idea for outdoor curtains . . . I want this patio!!

    Sunday, April 17, 2011

    Make awesome slippers out of jeans!

    In all my years of crafting with jeans, I have never seen a project
    like these awesome slippers!  They would make a very nice gift.

    Actually, you could use any type of material to make these slippers
     . . . like these . . . I'm thinking of the endless possibilities!

    Click here to go to Nancy Minsky's tutorial for denim slippers.

    Click here to go to Nancy's website, 21st Century Dressmakers.  
    This website is one of the best I've run across in a very long time!
    It is visually artistic, creative and oh so inventive.

    She's the jeans queen!

      What a treat for  sewing crafters :) I love it!

    Here is one of the most awesome denim slippers I have seen yet!  I found the photo on Pinterest, which leads to a dead link, but it is great inspiration!

    Sunday, April 10, 2011

    Jewel tone glass painting technique

    Gorgeous painting technique for glass!

    Regular readers of my blog know that I have a thing about
    recycling glass jars.  My favorite project is making candles in
    glass jars.  This painting technique would be the perfect
    glass finish for those jars!

    Click here for the tutorial from Deco Art.

    If you love crafting with glass like I do, click here 
    for other crafty glass projects I've posted on my blog.

    Saturday, April 9, 2011

    Cool stuff to make!

    Jeans Bags are timeless, inexpensive and so easy
    to make . . . they also make awesome gifts.

    Click here to go to the tutorial from Fave Crafts.

    What a cool way to repurpose an old window frame.
    This jewelry organizer holds lots of jewelry!
    I love it :)

    Click here for the tutorial from Jane at The Borrowed Abode.

    Friday, April 8, 2011

    Clever crafty ideas

    Would you believe these are faux milk glass?

    They look like the real thing.  All you need is some paint!

    Faux milk glass tutorial

    At first glance . . . do you know what these are?

    These cuties are cleverly disguised cleaning wipes containers.
    Now you can color coordinate them to match your decor!

    This project comes from Heather at Decor-ganize.
    Click here for the tutorial.

    Have you ever used photos transferred
    to fabric in your projects?

    Back in the day, I used a medium specifically for this purpose, but the results
     were awful, even though it did transfer the photo image to fabric.

      Fast forward a decade or so . . . you can now use your printer to transfer
     photos to fabric.  Sound good?  It is easier than you probably think it is!

    Click here to go to an awesome tutorial from
    Linda Matthews at A Creative Journey.

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