• Monday, September 1, 2008

    Lifestyle changes . . . the holistic event of shedding the fat

    There is nothing more empowering than sticking to a lifestyle change for more than a month, which brings back fond memories of how awesome I felt on the day that marked a whole month of not having a cigarette.

    Although it was one of the most momentous things I have ever done for myself, the result was gaining back some of the weight I had previously worked so hard to lose. Seems like it came on overnight . . . my doctor called it chemical changes that I could get control over. Well, I didn't . . . until now . . .

    I don't care what anyone says . . . losing weight, exercising, that whole ritual is a mind game. You have to have a reason to do it, a strong desire . . . just like quitting smoking was for me and losing weight the first time. Know where you want to go, have a plan and work towards it . . . getting healthy, changing your lifestyle and knowing how much better you will look and feel has everything to do with it. It is all in getting motivated. I knew it was time to move on with my life . . . that is what made the difference for me.

    It has been over two months since I embarked on a journey that seems to keep me on my exercise equipment, dancing and jumping around like a fool . . . and yes, eating very sensibly, yet not depriving myself of anything that I want.

    Maybe this approach won't take the fat off as fast as I want it to go away . . . tomorrow would not be soon enough for me . . . but it should be a lifestyle change. Many of my original lifestyle changes have stuck with me. It is a rare occasion that I eat meat anymore . . . and that is when I go to Chili's Restaurant, I must have one of their awesome cheeseburgers and fries . . . not something I do all the time. Gone are the days of a wonderful southern delight . . . sweet tea . . . no more for me! And my most wonderous discovery was no fat half and half that I use on everything that requires milk . . . all the richness and no fat. I never gave up real butter, but only use it in moderation. There are more . . . it is all about making a conscious effort of realizing what you consume on a regular basis and figure out how to cut it out.

    Recent changes to get it off faster . . . not using butter or preparing anything that needs butter, I gave up Pepsi (that was a 2 liter a day addiction), cut my coffee consumption in half since I love those flavored coffee creamers . . . now I dilute with the no fat half and half when I do have coffee. Bread is a rare treat and I use it to make a sandwich made of lean deli turkey with no fat swiss cheese and NO mayo . . . I've resorted to rolling a piece of cheese in two twin slices of turkey for snacks instead of a sandwich and I haven't missed it.

    ABSOLUTELY NO MORE SWEETS . . . no fat yogurt in assorted flavors has been substituted and I am completely satisfied. A very small spoonful of peanut butter also helps the sweet tooth stop screaming.

    On day #655 of being a non-smoker, it took me a while, but I can finally say that I am back on the road to the holistic event of shedding the fat forever. Watch out world . . . I'm back and I'll soon be the new and vavavoom new version of myself . . .

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