• Thursday, January 14, 2010

    3 Keys To A Happy Marriage

    1. Be thankful

    It all starts with attitude. If you don't stay on the positive side, failure is inevitable.

    You cannot have a happy marriage
    without happy people.

    2. Express your appreciation

    Let your spouse know by word and deed that you appreciate them.

    Be specific and lavish in your praise and thanks.
    encourages people like encouragement.

    People love people who love them.
    If you want your spouse to
    love you,
    the best thing you can do is love them,
    and let them
    know it.

    3. Aim to please

    If you make them happy, you will be happy.

    True happiness is
    never found in trying to please ourselves.
    Fulfillment comes
    from accomplishment,
    and the greatest accomplishment is
    someone else in their life.

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