• Sunday, October 17, 2010

    The photoshopped image of life . . . what is real anymore?

    Everyone has true beauty that is their own . . . something . . . even if it is inner beauty.

    Society has imposed "model images" . . . from the pages of magazines that have been photoshopped . . . of what we should look like that aren't even real in themselves. Blemishes are digitally removed, images of models are altered so they appear thinner . . . I could go on and on.

    It should not have surprised me when I read an article and learned that the magazine Men's Health has been accused of photoshopping their model's muscles to appear larger . . . bodies made to look better defined.

    It is all a false sense of beauty in a society where so much emphasis is placed on "appearances" . . . yet, if you look around, the majority of that same society falls way below what society deems as "ideal." Is it any wonder why there are so many depressed and paranoid people walking around this world feeling inadequate?

    Focus on what is real and authentic . . . look at ourselves and others differently, treat each other kinder by celebrating strength, courage and morality.

    Talent is a gift that is many times overlooked by appearances . . . an overweight person on "American Idol" is treated differently than the person whose appearance is deemed "ideal". 

    Perhaps Mama Cass would not have had a chance at a successful singing career in this day and age. Even with her tremendous singing talent, she is most remembered as a member of the group the Mamas and the Papas who choked on a chicken sandwich.

    We are a cruel and arrogant society as a whole . . . fueled by the media with new tricks of altering images through the technology of graphic software, aka "photoshopping" . . . computer generated commercials . . . and don't forget cosmetic surgery. It is fake, fake, fake!!!  Does anyone know what is "real" anymore?

    Focus on the positive approach of finding what is beautiful and unique about yourself . . . a person's true beauty, uniqueness and authenticity is indeed something to celebrate. 

    God gave every one of us gifts
    that are uniquely ours.

    Have you found yours?


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