• Sunday, February 6, 2011

    Crafty Valentine Inspiration

    Valentine's Day is one of my favorite celebrations!

    I'll be bringing you lots of ideas on decorating, crafts,
    gifts and special Valentine blog hops and linkys.

    Click on the photos to go to the
    original blog posts that include
    tutorials for the projects.

    I love love love this soup can mini album made by
     Lyndee at 
    Recovering Craft Hoarder.

    Click on the photo to go to her blog post with a tutorial.  

    I see Lyndee's creation as a starting point for many other projects!

    Many years ago, I had the idea of using can lids of varying sizes to make wind chimes.  It was one of those projects that I never completed, but Lyndee's project reminded me of it.  How cute would a Valentine's Day themed wind chime be utilizing shades of pinks and reds with hearts mixed with some beads here and there?

    If you have tin snips . . . you can trace shapes on the can lids and cut out . . . use care and finish the edges so they are not sharp enough to get a nasty cut.  Would be great for use in your jewelry creations, to decorate frames . . . the possibilities are endless!

    Thanks for Lyndee for the inspiration!  

    Cameo at Blissmade Designs made this cute
    canvas wall art . . . click on the photo to go
     to her blog where she has a tutorial on

    how to make your own.

    I will be posting some awesome looking Valentine treats
     over at my food blog, Gina's Italian Kitchen, including

    a recipe for fast and easy homemade cupcakes.

    How about printing out these cupcake holders 
    and make these cute little tags to go with
    those homemade cupcakes?

    Diane at Pitty Pat Paperie has
    taken care of all the design work for you! 

    Here is some Valentine decorating 
    inspiration from Ami at Ali Lily

    Need more festive Valentine
     decorating inspiration?

    Much more to come before Valentine's Day!


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