• Tuesday, March 29, 2011

    Crafty notebook covers

    Take some inspiration from these crafty notebook covers and recycle those fabric scraps you were saving for a special project using the instructions from the following projects.  Not only are these a great idea for notebooks, but can also be designed for your favorite book or scrapbook . . . how about a beautiful cover for your bible?  

    They would make very thoughtful, inexpensive gifts!

    Check out this awesome journal cover from Bloom!

    Becky at Patchwork Posse has designed some fun vinyl notebook covers.  
    Check out the different design ideas and a tutorial on how to make them . . . click here.

    This button embellished notebook cover designed by Diane Gilleland is too cute!
    Click here for the blog post with more photos and a tutorial.


    The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

    I love these, so adorable! I have this thing for notebooks.... its a sickness :)

    Sarah, Three Boys said...

    Those are great! Thanks so much for your sweet comments:) I do hope it all works out, and that is so cool about your aunt!

    Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

    What gorgeous, gorgeous ideas! I really like the patchwork version, and the buttons are too lovely for words. Thank you so much for tracking them all down!


    Gina Alfani said...

    I have a thing for notebooks too :) Can't wait to make them pretty!

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