• Saturday, February 18, 2012

    Better Late Than Never

    My body just seems to have shut down lately.

    As a result, I have not been writing and posting blog posts as I usually do.

    The past couple of days have been rainy and dreary for sunny Florida.  It matches how I've been feeling!  We sometimes need these down days.

    Although I'm a day late, I am participating in "Still On The Verge's" New Friends Friday Blog Hop.  The hop is still open, so you can click on the button to join in.

    How was your Valentine's Day?  The Captain and I had an awesome day . . . our first Valentine's Day as a married couple.

    I'll be back to normal, posting awesome projects that I run into through the world of Pinterest and Bloggerville as soon as I am feeling better.  The creative streak is not with me at the moment . . . it happens!

    The Food Network has cancelled one of my favorite food shows, Dessert First.  Apparently, Anne Thornton was "stealing" recipes.  Where is the line drawn on stolen recipes?  You can use someone else's recipe and adapt it in such a way to make it your own.  Can't you? When you think about it, almost every recipe is an adaptation of another.  There is such a fine line . . .

    I'll be going back to bed to enjoy another day of rest and watch the service for Whitney Houston.  Although we said goodbye to Whitney long ago, she will be missed . . . no more comebacks, no more second chances except for a movie that is set to be released this summer.  It is her hello again and goodbye forever . . . a beautiful soul with the voice of an angel.  RIP Whitney . . . your mark on this world will live on forever in our hearts, in your songs and movies.  

    Heaven needed another angel.

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