• Tuesday, March 26, 2013

    DIY Sea Salt Spray

    Don't you love the way your hair behaves after a day at the beach?

    I had no idea there are actually hair products out there that mimic the effects of a day at the beach until I discovered a wonderful blog, Bridgey Widgey . . . Life's A Party!

    Bridget has developed a DIY version of a sea salt hair texturizer that will give you those lovely beachy waves as shown in the photo.

    Here's her recipe:

    Empty Spray Bottle
    3 teaspoons Epsom Salt
    3 squirts Water-Based Hair Gel
    4 ounces Tap Water

    Just load your ingredients into your spray bottle!

    Check out her blog for variations and more!



    Heather OCain said...

    I must do this again! Makes my hair super curly, thanks for reminding me :)

    Gina Alfani said...

    You are welcome Heather! I love that wild look :)

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