• Saturday, November 1, 2008

    Turning back the clock

    Yeah, it is time to turn the clock back to "normal" time.

    I prefer Daylight Savings Time myself.

    Why can't we just leave it there?

    Isn't it supposed to be dark in the morning anyway?

    The Maxine cartoon got me thinking about age.

    More specific, I asked myself the following question . . .

    "If I could turn back time, where would I set it?"

    My answer to the question will probably surprise you.

    I would not turn back time because of my age.

    I'm happy where I am . . . seriously!

    What matters is how I feel inside.

    And I'm still a teenager.

    Only wiser beyond my years :o)

    I would not trade my experience of life for anything!

    If I could turn back the clock to a happier time . . .

    that is a different story

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