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    Saturday, July 16, 2011

    Design Your Own Lamp Shades

    The possibilities are endless for taking an old lamp and giving
     it a new life with a new custom lampshade to match your decor.

    This project is perfect for a garage sale or thrift store find . . . 
    something beautiful and uniquely yours . . . dare to be different!

    Click here for the tutorial from the Teeny Blessings blog.


    Farm Fresh Decor said...

    I love these shades (retro ones are my fave)
    New follower from the hop!

    Gina Alfani said...

    Hey Trish! Thanks for following :)

    I also love the retro ones!

    JTWisdom said...

    These lamp shades are so pretty. I spray painted a lampshade a pink rose to go with my bedroom at one time. Will definitely check out the tutorial.

    I am a new follower via the Sunday Stalker blog hop.

    Gina Alfani said...

    It is amazing what a difference a little paint will do! I love being creative with lamp shades.

    Thanks for following my blog . . . I'm following your blog as well :)

    Samantha said...

    Thanks for the great idea! I will have to try this when we move!

    Stopping by from Totally Tuesday Hop.

    Samantha @ niftymom.com

    Gina Alfani said...

    Thanks for visiting, commenting and following my blog . . . I'm following your blog as well :)

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