• Sunday, January 26, 2014

    DIY Denim Hair Accessories

    Kara's creation shows what you can do with a dollar store item
    Click here for tutorial

    Always save the scraps left over from a denim project . . . you never know when you will be inspired to use the little pieces like buttons, snaps, labels, belt loops, seams for accessories to match those other projects.  I've also seen some awesome jewelry accessories made of denim scraps . . . that blog post is coming soon!

    Click here for tutorial

    Kasey glues belt loops to bobbie pins and clippies
    Click here to go to her blog

    The following photos are for inspiration only . . . they are denim hair accessories that are being sold and were listed to be sold at one time.  Click on the photo to go to the original website where they came from should you desire more information.

    Great use of seams!

    Look what else you can do with seams!

    Hope these creations have given you some
     inspiration for your next denim project!

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