• Sunday, January 12, 2014

    Stunning Necklace ~ Jewelry Making Project

    Love this stunning necklace . . . wearing it would make a bold fashion statement!

    The creator of this awesome necklace used new items, but with all the boxes of vintage jewelry stacked in my office, it has provided great inspiration for a refashion jewelry project.

    An old beaded vintage necklace should provide an ample amount of beads to make a very cool and unique creation.

    Sara Marie of Everyday Bijoux is a jewelry designer with an Etsy shop and a lovely blog.  She writes about how she was inspired to make this gorgeous necklace, the materials she used and the problems she encountered. Awesome article for you crafters who enjoy making your own jewelry or inspirational for those who are jewelry designers.  Click here for the blog post.

    Hope you enjoy her blog and Etsy shop as much as I have!

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