• Wednesday, April 30, 2014

    Hubcap Flowers Yard Art . . . Awesome DIY Recycle Project

    Love this recycling yard art project!

    I'd love to mix the pops of color in my garden from the different flower yard art DIY projects I have been finding online lately.

    At first glance, you would never guess these are hubcaps.  I'm guessing they are easy to find relatively inexpensively.  You pull-em salvage car parts businesses come to mind.

    Click here for the awesome tutorial to make these beautiful Hubcap Flowers.

    Click here for another blog post featuring many examples of DIY Yard Art Flowers made from various materials with lots of ideas and inspiration.  Very interesting . . . love these type of blogs!


    Catherine said...

    Simply adorable!! A fun project. Blessings Gina, Catherine xo

    Gina Alfani said...

    Thank you Catherine! This is my mind of project :) Blessings to you too . . . Gina

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