• Monday, December 24, 2007

    Are you makeup obsessed?

    You should be if you are not since I don't care who you are . . . none of us was born perfect and we should always try to look the best we can. It is the one single thing in life that can make me feel better instantly . . . pampering myself and putting on the makeup even if it is just for me. Your mirror should reflect back the most outwardly beautiful person you can be, it will just make you feel better if you do that for yourself.

    I'm one of those women who has little stashes of make up bags here and there . . . you can never have too much makeup. My belief is that you don't have to buy expensive makeup . . . drug store makeup is just as good . . . REALLY, with the exception of foundation. In my opinion, good skin care is what is important.

    I made my own glittery lip gloss that is just as good as my glittery Lancome lip gloss that cost $20+ . . . the base was clear lip gloss from the drug store that cost me maybe $1.50 for the entire tube and I added my own loose makeup glitter to it. The best deal at the drug store makeup counter of no name makeup are the eyeliner and lipliner pencils . . . they are awesome and so cheap.

    As a young adult, one of my ambitions was to be a famous makeup artist to the stars . . . I so wanted to do that. However, when I went to beauty school I discovered that touching strangers grossed me out . . . but beauty school was a blast anyway. I'm still an awesome makeup artist though . . . and I'm always going through the internet looking for new looks, techniques and makeup products.

    Some of my favorite makeup blogs . . .


    The Makeup Bag

    The Makeup Girl

    Click here for an awesome tutorial on how to achieve that cat-eye look from Temptalia.

    I have lots of favorite make up blogs and websites . . . will be sharing them with you . . .

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