• Friday, December 28, 2007

    The Battle of the Best Drugstore Mineral Makeup

    As I was researching an article I am writing that considers the pros and cons of the new trendy "must have" beauty product, minerals makeup, I came across this excellent article comparing the value and quality of the drugstore brands as an alternative to the more expensive cosmetic lines.

    Although I have not jumped on the minerals makeup bandwagon, since I am usually up in the middle of the night, I have been tempted by the lure of the intense hype surrounding minerals makeup that has found me with the phone in my hand ready to place an order. Me, my credit card, infomercials or the home shopping networks on television can be very dangerous.

    Then I remember my budget and the stockpile of my beloved Adrien Arpel makeup foundation that I have used for as long as I remember . . . I'll do a blog about her in the future . . . she is one of the ladies I most admire in this world.

    If you have tried minerals makeup, but found it a bit too expensive for your budget, check out this article for some bargain values that may work for you. I've said it before, it is not always how much you pay for a product, it is the value of what you pay for . . . sometimes you are just paying for the expensive packaging, marketing costs associated with the brand name and not the quality of the product at all . . . apparently, that applies for minerals makeup too!

    Get those kabuki brushes back out . . . minerals makeup can be affordable!


    seanymph said...

    Hiya Gina, Ive used Bare Escentuals now for 6yrs and I love it! I too thought it was pricey but what I found is you use so little that one jar that costs $25 lasts me 4-5 months and thats using it daily. Thats alot cheaper than the other makeups out there. It doesnt ruin my clothes like the others did too and I found it is so good for my skin that it cleared my face up. You can even sleep in it, in fact if you do have a pimple you just dab a bit on it at nite and by morning it will be almost gone. I have gotten my daughter and grand daughter hooked on it now. I see now so many other companies coming out with this now but I would check the ingredients. I dont know what the others have but BE is pure. I would love if they were as good and cheaper because they would be a bit easier to find but I will wait to see what others say before I change. My face has never looked so good , everyone says my skin is gorgeous. And you can mix the colors to make your own shades even with the lipsticks. They have a coffee flavored lip balm that I can dip in any color I have here and create my own lipsticks too. The only thing I dont like so far is the mascara. Good ol Great Lash is still the best lol. I buy the kits tho of BE to save alot on brushes and such when I see them on QVC and now I buy those kits for my daughter and granddaughter for gifts for birthdays or holidays too. Its good stuff!

    Gina Alfani said...

    Hey girl!! The last time I went into my local drug store and spent way too much time in the cosmetics section as I usually do, I broke down and decided to try the L'Oreal Minerals Foundation and Concealer since it was buy one, get one 50% off. Since I have good skin anyway and don't always use foundation, this works out fabulous for me! I love it so much! Even after driving without air conditioning on my way home from work this afternoon in the central Florida heat, I was surprised that my makeup still looked as good as it did at 5 in the morning at 3:30 in the afternoon.

    I'm making the switch and I may even check out QVC's website to see what kits they have available since you love what you are using so much. Thanks for the recommendation!


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