• Wednesday, February 11, 2009

    Interior decorating with red

    I absolutely adore this red bathroom!! Actually, I already have all the plans in my head on the new "red" look for my bathroom.

    I'm known for my bizarre decorating style . . . my current bathroom look is a "beachy Florida style" in shades of hot pink and aqua with a black and white check floor featuring a very retro flamingo themed shower curtain.

    Red is my favorite color and I indulge myself in the color wherever I can. Take a look around my websites and blogs and the reoccurring theme is RED :-)

    My mustard gold faux finished stone looking walls with black trim and of course, the black and white check floors are highlighted by an area above my kitchen cabinets in BRIGHT RED . . . it is awesome. I'm still working on it . . . but I will do an entry with photos when it is completed.

    If red is your color, you will love the article at HGTV devoted to interior designs that include the color red . . . click on the photo of the red bathroom to go there.

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