• Friday, February 27, 2009

    The little girl in me is screaming . . .

    Much to my delight, I spent many summers and weekends at my girl cousin's house. We are separated by months in age and were always interested in the same things . . . much like sisters. Aside from the tropical yard with lush grass that had an awesome ditch that ran along it which was more like a little creek complete with tadpoles and little fishes, she had the most awesome little girl's playhouse. For little girls in elementary school, it was paradise! I always looked forward to my visits . . .

    As I cruised the internet today, I ran into Linda MacDonald's blog,
    Restyled Home, where I found her post on the most inviting playhouse for little girls and big girls alike. It quickly took me back to those days of being a little girly girl at my cousin's playhouse.

    What a lucky little girl . . . I remember thinking what an awesome feeling it must be to have my own little place to hang out in. awwww the memories her story took me back to . . . click on the playhouse photo to go to the article.

    This big girl would love to hang out in that beautiful and comfy looking playhouse!

    Here are more . . .




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