• Sunday, May 15, 2011

    Paint Chip Art

    Wouldn't I love to have this on my wall!!!?!!!

    This gorgeous example of mosaic art comes from 
    it also comes with a pricey price tag.

    Never fear . . . I have found a couple of tutorials
     that were inspired by this piece of art.

    The first tutorial comes from Hope Studios . . .

    The second tutorial comes from

    Of course I have some ideas of my own! 

    One idea would be to experiment with some metallic or pearlized 
    paint together with foil specks to give it more of a shimmery finish 
    after using the stain.

    Like I always say with crafts . . . the possibilities are endless!


    Kim-A Creative Spirit said...

    I LOVE this...... I may just have to do this with some of my favorite colors....... I will have to have Lowe's cut the wood for me tho..... or maybe it would work on a canvas..... HMMMMM

    Gina Alfani said...

    Hey Kim . . . it should also work on canvas . . . great idea :-)

    I was also thinking that it would make a very cool frame by cutting the pieces smaller.

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