• Thursday, October 27, 2011

    Jewelry Bowls

    The ideas for these sparkly bowls are swirling in my head!  
    Not just the bowls, but the technique and all the possibilities
    in all shapes and sizes.

    I've experimented with similar paper mache type bowls before using a type of plaster to use as gardening containers . . . not so great an experiment for outdoor use . . . I moved on to working with concrete for those type of projects.  

    I had forgotten about using the technique for indoor/home decor use until I ran across this tutorial.

    I'm still gathering ideas for organizing my massive jewelry collection and this is one that I am putting on the keeper list to experiment with.  

    They can be made in any size, any shape . . . let your creativity be your guide!  Start looking at different objects that can be used as a mold . . . like I love the designs on some plastic juice containers.  In fact, I have some put aside for concrete projects that would work perfectly with this technique.

    I love paper mache projects . . . 
    they remind me of my first crafting projects as a little girl!

    Click here for the tutorial!

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