• Monday, November 29, 2010

    Fabulous recycled glass jars . . . so many uses

    There is something about glass that I love . . . I know, it sounds weird.  My biggest collections of stuff involve glass . . . dishes, glasses, casserole dishes, ashtrays, candy dishes, pitchers . . . I could go on and on.

    Something else about me that most people find strange is that I hate to throw something away that has potential for life as something else.  On top of that list . . . glass jars.

    Why go buy something when you can  make the same thing from something  you are going to throw away?

    Mayonnaise jars were my favorite . . . much to my displeasure, most of those jars have been replaced by plastic . . . same with peanut butter.  Maybe it is a cheaper alternative for the manufacturers of those products, but don't they know it has broken my heart to not add more to my collection of glass mayonnaise jars?  I dislike those new squeeze bottles for various reasons  . . . although I could use them for a handy container for my special blends of paint :-)

    Through the years I have made great use of my glass jars for organizing stuff, especially in the kitchen and the craft room.  Jars that I painted a decade ago are still in use.  The larger mayonnaise jars are great for storing popcorn, grits, rice, coffee, sugar . . . cannister items . . . the jars are color coordinated and look like a matched set.  I like putting my unique touch on stuff . . .

    My discovery of blog hops has taken me into different worlds of blogs . . .
    the crafts/DIY blog world is my favorite!
    Much to my delight, I have found some projects and uses for those recycled glass jars from some awesome blogs that I'd like to share.  Hope they inspire you to create something wonderful from something you would normally throw away.

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    Have an awesome Monday!


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