• Friday, November 19, 2010

    Friday Happenings

    Time got away from me this morning participating in the blog hops and organizing new features for my blogs.

    I've gotten lost in all things to do with crafts, DIY projects, home dec, cooking and general "getting ready for the holidays" stuff.  It started when I found the blog hop I would like to feature today. You gotta check it out if this is your thing too . . .

    Feature Your Sassy Sites Blog Hop has a different twist . . . instead of just posting your sassy sites, you can also post ANYTHING that you have been up to during the week too.  There are loads of craft projects, recipes entries all gearing up for the holidays.  It is a free for all Friday party!


    Friday is an awesome day for blog hops . . . get involved in the blogging community and link up with outstanding bloggers and creative people.

    Have a fabulous Friday . . . here are lots of blog hops to keep you busy today!

    Friday Blog Hops!


    Friend Finding Fridays
    Friendly Friday Button


    Follow Along Fridays
    Smart and Trendy Moms



    Lisa @ akawest said...

    It is easy to get sidetracked with visiting blogs, especially since some of life is rather mundane. As a new follower, it is nice to "meet" you.

    Turning the Clock Back said...

    Hi there. Just stopping by from the Friday Follow. I am fighting a nasty flu bug but determined to be social! I am not sure how good my morning is but I like that you are so positive about it :)

    There are only 3 more days left to enter my Green Holiday Giveaways so hope you get a chance to follow back and enter. I have some great stuff to give away!

    Have a great weekend!


    Rumtruffle said...

    Found you while blog hopping, I love all this hopping around as there are some very interesting people about like yourself!
    Feel free to pop and see me if you have time

    Kim - A Creative Spirit said...

    I SOOOOO get lost in blog world... it is so addicting.... and before I know it several hours have passed.

    Jamie said...

    Hi, I'm your newest follower! And, I'm new to this blogging thing as well. My blog just turned one month old today! Like you, I'm amazed at all the fun giveaways and reviews. What a useful tool! Anyway, please stop by and say hi when you get the chance! Have a great weekend! ~Jamie


    Tabetha said...

    Hi! Found you on "So followed Saturday" and I'm a new follower

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