• Monday, January 17, 2011

    Ready for spring?

    Happy Monday!

    This morning I'm participating in
    "Follow Us Monday Morning"
    Question of the week.

    Are you ready for spring?
    What's the one thing you are most
     excited about, when it comes to spring?

    I'm totally ready for Spring!  Here in Florida we have been experiencing yet another unusually cold winter (although not as cold as last year).  It started early and keeps coming back.  We'll have a few really nice days that are typical for us here in Central Florida, then a cold front comes down and we are freezing again.  My heater has never seen so much action!  I absolutely hate the cold weather!

    I'm most excited about resuming outdoor living.

    We have an outdoor dining area where we enjoy casual evenings enjoying fresh air and nature by candle light at night.  It is awesome to sit and relax in a setting that is comfortable.

    Gardening is something that I really do miss in this cold winters where freezing temps knock out my plants.  In those mild winters we love to grow vegetables, but it has been impossible this year.  I'm very excited about getting my seeds planted for basil, chives, all kinds of  peppers and tomatoes.

    Spring can't get here fast enough for me!

    How about you?  Are you ready for Spring?
    Link up your post and read the replies of
    other bloggers from all over the world.


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    High Heeled Life said...

    YES!!!! I'm so ready for Spring!!! I miss being outside, the warmth and sunshine.... it is really cold and snowy where we live in Canada - north of Toronto..brrrrrrrr ..xo HHL

    Day 2 Day Living said...

    I am more than ready for spring to be here. I'm sick of this cold winter junk.

    Guwini said...

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    Thanks very much and happy monday! :)


    Tammilee said...

    I am a new GFC follower from the Monday blog hop
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    Vagabond Carnival said...

    Hey darlin, if you think that's cold, try coming up North for a spell where we get buried in snow and ice and icesnow (sometimes icerain). It's all grey and dead, and springtime can be long in coming. I can't wait to see the green come back to the trees.


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