• Wednesday, January 19, 2011

    Wonderful Wednesday!

    Hope everyone is having an awesome day!

    I'm taking the day off from my usual blog hopping to catch up on comments, follow everyone following me and enter new giveaways.  There will be no Gina's Wordless Wednesday this week, but it will be back next Wednesday!

    It has been my week to win awards!  There are three of them that I recall off the top of my head and I will be responding to them as soon as I determine who I will be turning over my awards to.  Thank you so much for the awards!!

    There are so many projects I'm working on!  

    The Captain and I are collaborating on a new blog that will focus on technology with articles on how to do a lot of those little things that make our time on the internet and blogging fun.  It will be fun and informative!  As soon as I get my hard drive situation under control, I will be offering freebie graphics on that blog . . . playing with graphics is one of my favorite things to do on the computer!

    My website has been neglected lately . . . my plan is to integrate my blogs with the website.  Stop by and check it out . . . 

    click to go to my personal website

    I'm off to tackle the projects of the day!

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