• Wednesday, January 5, 2011

    Awesome discoveries!

    Sometimes blog hopping is like a treasure hunt for me.  Today was a semi-lazy day and I just cruised around blogs, still answering comments and following the awesome bloggers who have recently followed me.  

    Gotta love those blog hops!

    Some of those discoveries I have made are well worth mentioning . . .

    First of all, my regular readers know that I love DIY, crafts and funky, unique items in general.  I love those bloggers who share those interests with me!  

    I am so happy these bloggers found me through one of the blog hops . . . they are just plain awesome!  I'm talking about Koco & Viking . . . you must check them out!

    Through Koco & Viking, I found this awesome project that simply blew me away from Crafty Nest, a blog that is loaded with awesome DIY projects that include tutorials.  Click on the photo to go to the tutorial for this unusual and quirky bath mat made of wine corks.  

    Enjoy collecting the 175 wine corks needed for making this bath mat!  If you are not a wine drinker, wine corks are available at the local craft store.

    My mom has a wine cork photo frame my cousin made for her . . . it is gorgeous and very unusual.  You have to look at it very closely to figure out what the material is!  I love that kind of stuff and I can see using wine corks in many of my future DIY projects.  I had forgotten about using wine corks in projects until I saw this one.

    Crafty Nest also has a post on sealing corks . . . 
    check it out if you are going to use corks in your projects.

    DIY Wine cork bath mat

    Wouldn't wine corks make awesome place mats?  

    I can see them lined up on the outside of an old coffee can with holes punched on the bottom for a very cool and unusual plant container.  Don't get me started on yard art!!  I'm gonna stop before I go on and on :)

    Check out these two blogs . . . you will probably love them too!


    Anonymous said...

    What a clever idea. I will need to share that with my friend, Michele, who is a wine drinker.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Anonymous said...

    This is fabulous, what a wonderful way to keep corkscrews. I don't drink so never have an need for a corkscrew, but this mat looks just great.

    I have to say, you have a lovely blog here. You have so many great buttons to press - I'm mesmerised!

    Glad I found you via the blog hop.

    CJ xx

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