• Monday, December 6, 2010

    Christmas Shopping . . . are we done yet?

    Christmas shopping . . . hmmm . . . with rough economic times hitting everyone at the worst possible time of the year . . . year after year already . . . I have wondered and have written about what society in general are doing about  gift giving.

    I survived on running an online store until a couple of years ago when the economy tanked and my business went with it.  Seems like from one day to the next it just went away . . . people quit buying.

    While I realize that some are struggling, others are gainfully employed and doing well.  However . . . I wonder if they are freely spending, using their credit cards or not incurring more debt and buying gifts with actual money and living within their means.

    My friends and family understand the financial rough times experienced since I became a widow . . . and give gifts that I have made.

    So . . . in my case . . . I have not started, but all it will take is a trip to the grocery store to buy the stuff I need to make baked goodies.

    This year is gonna be about spending quality time with friends and family . . . something I have missed out on for many years . . . my gift to myself!

    How is your Christmas shopping going this year?
    Are you done yet?

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