• Tuesday, December 14, 2010

    The science of organizing clutter

    The cold weather is getting on my nerves!  

    I'm in Florida . . . it is not supposed to be cold!

    We should be warming up by Friday :)

    In the meantime, it has been a time of working on all those things I have been putting off since I am finally starting to get rid of this cold that took all my energy.  I'm revisiting the idea of joining up with the Fly Girls again . . . you know, they teach you how to organize your life and put you on somewhat of a schedule to get your housework and clutter under control.  They were starting to help me the last time I tried, but OMG they sent so much emails that I got overwhelmed and quit.

    Niecy Nash and the "Clean House" crew would have a really good time with my house.  I can see it now, Niecy with a huge red flower in her hair waving her perfectly manicured finger at me . . . "you should be ashamed of yourself girl . . . how did you let this happen? . . . hmmmmmm?"

    Well, clutter just happens if you don't control it effectively.  Moving a pile of stuff from one room to another doesn't help.  It just takes an organized mess, jumbles it up with another mess and then you can't find anything.  We did that . . . took boxes from several rooms into another.  Since two of us were moving the stuff around, I lost track of some of the stuff!

    Isn't it funny how cluttered piles end up like an archeological dig or a time capsule of a phase in your life?  One of the hardest things for me to control is paper.  As I gather up and sort everything out, I am finding remnants of the attempt to organize.

    This time I mean to finally get organized!  Once organized, it is easy to stay that way if everything has its place.  It is getting the stuff into their place . . . aye!!

    I'm starting a page for my website on getting organized . . . in an attempt to organize myself :)  I'd love some feedback on how you managed to get your house organized, links to blogs devoted to getting organized like the Fly girls . . . or are they called the Fly Ladies?

    Are you a pack rat like me or a neatnic? 

    I totally used the word organized too many times :)

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    Felicia said...

    Hi! Thanks for coming over and following my blog! I am following you now!

    Kim - A Creative Spirit said...

    I too am working with FLY LADY.... I need her wisdom and guidance. :o) Glad to hear you are feeling better...

    Vagabond Carnival said...

    Actually, I got myself together whilst reading Karen Kingston's "Clear Your Clutter With Feng Shui", which I inherited from my mother, who was clearing out her hoard of stuff. It's inspired me over the years to let go of things and keep only what is used and loved. I recommend it to people who are looking to organize since it can be a pretty quick read in addition to its helpfulness.

    (There is no science, only DANCE!!!)

    Jupiter Family said...

    Merry Christmas!!
    New Year's 2011 Fireworks Celebrations Around the World

    BabyDealsDujour said...

    New follower from http://babydealsdujour.com/blog
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    ChicnSavvy said...

    Out Blog Hopping this Wednesday! I am a new follower would Love for you to come follow me :-) Feel free to check out my giveaways I have going on! They are in the right corner of my blog!

    Really enjoyed checking out your blog!


    curlie girlie said...

    I get into good routines with FlyLady but always get right back into my old habits...sigh. I could definitely be more organized.
    I'm your newest follower, I found you through the Follow Me Wednesday blog hop. Come follow me too! :)

    Krystal said...

    Following from Catch a Wave Wednesday.


    Jo Frances said...

    I haven't heard of FlyLady, which might explain the mess that is my garage!
    New follower from Follow me Wednesday. Would love a follow back @ http://www.over40style.com

    Christine said...

    Organization is one of my strong points. You wouldn't know it to look at me lately, but this year just kicked my butt, emotionally, physically and every other way you can think of. It's the perfect time of year to get back into it though and I'm right there with you. I find that planners help me. I used a paper planner for a long time and then digital in the last few years. Have you tried that at all?

    Ok, I'm going to go follow you everywhere now. =)

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