• Friday, December 31, 2010

    Happy New Year!

    It is with a great deal of anticipation and excitement that
     I say goodbye to the old year and welcome the new year.

    The past year has been the most awesome in many years
    and I have been blessed in so many ways!

    It was a year of "firsts" for the Captain and me.  We just
    celebrated our first Christmas together and tonight will be
    the first New Years Eve we welcome the new year
    side by side . . . 

    (FYI . . . last year had us on the phone, hundreds
    of miles apart with the bluetooth as a connection.)

    Long distance relationships do work, although not easy!

    In 2009 I started what I thought would be an exciting new
    career for me . . . 2010 had me walking out in frustration,
    although it was an awesome experience and I absolutely
    loved my job and most of the people I worked with.

    Before the holidays, I discovered an awesome way to make
    new friends online and found a circle of bloggers that spans
    the globe and lifestyles.  Blog hops have so enhanced my
    blogging experience!

    Christmas season was fabulous . . . I enjoyed the company
    of friends and family like never before.

    The UPS guy has been busy delivering packages . . . the result
     of my giveaway wins . . . it feels like Christmas every day.

    After years of prayer, my life has come full circle and most of
    my prayers have been answered.  The rest will be answered
    in their own time!

    Good things come to those who wait . . . they really do!

    Happy New Year everybody :)

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    Anonymous said...

    Happy New Year to you as well! Sounds like your 2010 was a good one for the most part. Enjoy your first married New Year's Eve. I should be doing the same.

    Gina Alfani said...

    Happy New Year to you too Bernie :)

    GrammyMouseTails said...

    Happy New Years, Gina & the Captain!
    Wishes for a wonderful 2011!
    ~Faythe @GMT~

    Lela Sassen said...

    Wow sounds like you had a good year with many more to come, GO GINA!
    I am very happy for you, you deserve it :)

    Anonymous said...

    Thank you for linking up with Ring in 2011! I am now following. Hope you have a great New Year.


    Tammy said...

    Hi there! Stopping by from the Ring in 2011 Blog Hop! I am your newest follower. Would love to have you stop by and follow back.

    Happy New Years from Tammy's Two Cents!

    BeeCute said...

    Im a new GFC follower from FFF. Would love the follow back at

    Happy New Year!!

    Traci66 said...

    Happy 2011

    Skye said...

    Following your blog! Please follow back!
    If you could follow me on Facebook, that would be awesome too!!
    Thanks for your time!

    Rose said...

    Happy New Year Gina

    Danielle a.k.a Yellie said...

    I'm a new follower of your blog and I hope you'll follow me back! Happy New Year!

    Anonymous said...

    Best wishes for the new year!
    I'm your newest follower. Please follow me back @ http://lean-soldier.blogspot.com
    Your blog is really good and informative ^_^

    Blogger Broadcast said...

    Happy New Year to you too. And I will try to remember -good things comes to those who deserves- :-)

    ohkeeka said...

    I found your blog on the Pink Dandy Sunday Blog Hop and I'm now following! I'd love it if you'd stop by and follow mine. :)


    Mommies and Beyond said...

    Hhi. Thank-you for visiting me @ http://www.mommiesandbeyond.com I am pleased to have you as a new reader on my blog. I am also now following you here on this site! Thank-you for your friendship. I look forward to reading your post during the new year!

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    gfc follower from the sunday stroll blog hop

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    Happy New Year from one of your newest followers.

    Wow, you have so many blogs, that is awesome!!

    I'm hoping that when you get a chance, you will stop by and follow me back. Thanks.


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    Hi! I'm your new follower.

    Best wishes for the new year and hope you can achieve your goals.
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    ♥The Sweet Life♥ (Alessandra) said...

    Ciao! Thanks & Happy New Year to you too! Glad you liked the tag. I hope you had a wonderful weekend as well!

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    Following you! Found you on the blog hop!

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    Koco & Viking said...

    Happy new year! So glad you guys were able to spend it together. What a blessing, indeed!

    Hi! We're so happy to have found your blog via FMBT! Hope you have an awesome week.

    Your newest friends,
    koco & viking


    Purple Froggie Clay Stuff said...

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