• Wednesday, December 29, 2010

    Decorating with red . . . Red Rooms

    There is something about the color red!

    I love it paired with black and white . . . or black and gold.

    Click on the photo to go to a slideshow and article about decorating with red from top designers who share their tips on how to use red and why they love using red in interior decorating.


    Diane said...

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    Vagabond Carnival said...

    I love using rich, bold color in interior design. I mainly use red in my accessories, since I usually can't control the color of my walls.

    Anonymous said...

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    GrammyMouseTails said...

    I love red too. esp as an accent. the blue in this pic is divine also :)
    Happy New Year! ~Faythe @GMT~

    Undeserving Grace said...

    I love the color red but that would give me a headache to see every day...yikes. I'm stopping by from undeservingrace.com I'd love to have you come over when you get the time! Happy day :)

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